BlueGinger - Designers and Manufacturers of D.C. Power Systems

BlueGinger is a leading manufacturer of specialized products in the D.C. power field.

We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that has earned a reputation for innovative solutions and quality workmanship.

We design and manufacture a full portfolio of industrial DC power products that range from battery chargers to backup systems, battery tripping units, DC to DC converters, battery management systems and harsh environment power supply units, to mention a few.

We service all economic industries that utilize DC Power supplies, including the mining, industrial, power reticulation, security and municipality sectors.

We have successfully completed an impressive range of electrical DC Power supplies projects across the face of the African continent. Our clients include local and international conglomerates.

BlueGinger manufactures state of the art products through excellent quality management systems developed over thirty years and highly qualified professional DC Power supplies electrical engineers who have the ingenuity and innovation to ensure winning solutions every time.

We have the capacity to deliver solutions for major projects as well as the flexibility to realize ad hoc individualized solutions.

BlueGinger is a a BEE compliant enterprise.

Our vision is to become a leading supplier of specialized products in the D.C. power field on the African continent.


Our products portfolio includes:
   •  DC power supplies
   •  DC Battery Chargers
   •  DC Backup systems
   •  Battery Tripping units
   •  DC to DC converters
   •  Battery Management Systems
   •  Harsh environment power supply units.