BlueGinger - Designers and Manufacturers of D.C. Power Systems

BlueGinger was established in 1981 as specialized DC system manufacturer.

Our reliable products and hands-on support services have ensured rapid expansion. Our products range has consistently broadened towards our current full D.C. power equipment portfolio of DC Power supply products & services.

Similarly we have expanded our regional footprint to cover the African continent, to currently operate in countries that include the DRC, Ghana, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Our clients include local and international conglomerate enterprises. We also service a large number of SME’s with a variety of versatile DC Power supplies needs.


As information intensive and hi tech specialist BlueGinger maintains a strong focus on research and development as an ongoing process and philosophy.

We aim to manufacture products with greater functionality, reliability and versatility at affordable prices.

We have an unrelenting quest for excellence and innovation in all we do.

Customised OEM Products & Services

As OEM manufacturer BlueGinger designs, develops and manufactures all DC power products in-house to the specifications of individual clients. Advantages of local design and production include:
   •  Solutions are customized to local conditions that include harsh environment products, in which we specialize
   •  We have a support services infrastructure readily available for all products we manufacture and install. Our hands-on support ensures the operational continuity
      and sustainability of all our products and services
   •  Localized DC power products design facilitates cost effective products and services.